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The Gastric Sleeve is an incredible method for attaining your weight loss goals, while avoiding the risk of more invasive gastric surgeries. Each individual is different when determining eligibility for the gastric sleeve surgery, but there are some general requirements to help see if you qualify:

  • You have been obese or severely overweight for at least three to five years.
  • You have attempted multiple methods of non-surgical weight loss with no success.
  • You have a BMI of over 40.
  • You have a BMI of at least 35 and are suffering from at least one obesity-related condition such as sleep apnea, type 2 diabetes or hypertension.
  • You are fully aware of the potential complications and risks of weight loss surgery.
  • You understand the Gastric Sleeve procedure and are comfortable with your surgeon and medical team.
  • You are 100% motivated to living a healthier life and achieving your weight loss goals.

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Many patients with a higher BMI are excellent gastric sleeve candidates providing they aren't currently suffering from a serious eating disorder and clearly understand the gastric sleeve procedure. Your surgical staff will also be available for support and follow-ups, but you must be willing to follow through with your new diet and exercise plans.

Gastric sleeve surgery is an acceptable and effective method of weight loss if you are severely overweight. If your doctor has classified you as morbidly obese, then you may only qualify for the gastric sleeve surgery in order to avoid the risks of more invasive surgeries like the Roux-en Y gastric bypass or duodenal switch. Talk with your surgeon about these concerns and know that a truly responsible gastric surgeon will not put you at any higher risk than is standard with weight loss surgery.

On its own, the gastric sleeve is an incredible surgery as it is generally less expensive than other weight loss surgeries and the risk of complications is much less than other more complex bariatric surgeries. The gastric sleeve is not a quick one-stop solution, and requires a strong modification to your eating habits, as the amount of food you will be able to eat in one sitting will be drastically reduced.

Always remember that you can call our Gastric Sleeve hotline any time at 1-855-690-0559 to speak with our Gastric Sleeve Qualification experts to determine if the Gastric Sleeve is right for you!