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The Gastric Sleeve is definitely more inexpensive than other weight loss surgeries, but many insurance companies still regard the procedure as experimental. If your insurance company won't cover the expenses of the Gastric Sleeve surgery, know that there are numerous financial options out there that can help you afford your surgery with monthly payments you can handle.

You may be familiar with CareCredit, a financing company that has helped over 6 million Americans acquire necessary medical treatment. CareCredit is also just one of many financing companies that focuses on creating financial plans for surgeries or medical care. Consult with one of our Gastric Sleeve Financing specialists at 1-855-690-0559 of fill out our secure online Gastric Sleeve Finance Application Form to receive important advice and information to help you find the perfect financial program for your gastric sleeve surgery. Our specialists can help you compare interest rates, loan terms and discover other options from even your personal bank or credit union!

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Saving up the money necessary is an excellent option to fund gastric sleeve surgery and your bank can often help you with a customized savings account. Many banks and credit unions offer a special medical expense savings account that pays higher interest rates when used for medical procedures like gastric sleeve surgery. Also talk to your employer about loan options or financial aid with medical expenses. You'd be surprised how many companies offer specific programs with pre-tax paycheck deductions or financial assistance when it comes to hospital costs.

It can also be invaluable to consult with a tax adviser or accountant to determine tax deductions you can obtain from your gastric sleeve cost. IRS Publication 502 is a great tool in determining if the gastric sleeve surgery qualifies for a tax deduction, which could save you thousands of dollars! The Gastric Sleeve procedure can also be discounted with lump sum cash payments and price reductions are available for those who have lower incomes.

Remember that the cost of a better life far outweighs the short financial cost of gastric sleeve surgery. Talk to our gastric sleeve finance experts at 1-855-690-0559 and start your journey to a happier life!