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How Gastric Banding Works

Gastric Banding, as with the LAP-BAND System, is one of the least invasive surgical solutions for obesity and recurring weight-loss problems. No incisions or stapling is made to the stomach or intestines, and reduces the amount of food that you can eat at one time.

The LAP-BAND itself separates a portion of the stomach into a small upper pouch above the Lap Band and a larger stomach pouch below the band. This allows for you to feel full much quicker after eating a smaller amount of food. The LAP-BAND is fully adjustable and gives your surgeon the ability to help you gradually adjust to your new eating habits and healthy lifestyle. Saline, the liquid inside the band, can easily be increased or decreased by your California LAP-BAND surgeon without any surgical process. These adjustments are unique to gastric banding and a standard part of post-operative procedure.

The LAP-BAND is fully removable and reversible, and can provide a safer option for those considering bariatric surgery. The LAP-BAND Gastric Banding System surgery also has a reduced hospital stay and recovery time compared with other bariatric surgeries and has no effect on the nutrition, as it does not reduce the absorption of nutrients.

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Through gastric banding and LAP-BAND surgery in California, the expected weight loss for the average patient is 40 to 60% of their excess weight, achieved over only two years. There is a large collection of recipes and exercise plans available through our LAP-BAND surgeons and nutrition specialists. Post-operative programs and maintaining your motivation towards greater health are key and just as important to your surgical staff here at our California LAP-BAND centers.

To learn more about gastric banding, as well as other available weight loss surgery options, call Gastric Sleeve Centers at 1-855-690-0559.