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The financial cost of the Gastric Sleeve and other weight loss surgeries has some patients considering travel to Mexico or other countries for the procedure. There is great risk at traveling to another country for a serious procedure like the gastric sleeve surgery and is not worth the potential and often nonexistent discount.

Consider that the strict regulations and standards you can find for gastric sleeve surgery in California and the U.S. are not upheld in Mexico and that the expense of handling potential issues like infection or corrective surgery far outweigh the lower price. There is also the great risk of complications and death in facilities that are not governed by regulated professionals.

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While it may seem like there are endless options for cheaper gastric sleeve surgeries in Mexico, the truth is that the costs rarely include the extra costs and fees related to the procedure, advertising only the cost of the surgery alone. Anesthesia, hospital fees and costs related to both pre and post operation procedures are usually separate from costs advertised in an effort to trick patients into thinking they are getting a better deal.

Travel to Mexico also reduces your chances of follow-up care after your surgery, as well as a lack of proper dietary plans, lifestyle plans and motivational support available at our medical centers in California. A common risk that also goes unnoticed is the development of blood clots from improper movement after your surgery. Many patients who travel to Mexico are at risk of developing deep vein thrombosis (the formation of a blood clot in a deep vein, generally in the lower leg) either by a lack of post-surgery treatment, or even just a lack of movement during your travel time back to the United States!

Before considering gastric sleeve surgery or any other serious obesity-related weight loss surgery program in Mexico, please contact our Gastric Sleeve Insurance and Finance specialists to discuss all your options.

You can call our Gastric Sleeve Insurance and Finance Hotline at 1-855-690-0559 or simply fill out our FREE Gastric Sleeve Contact Form. Our experts are available to hear your concerns, so please speak with a medical professional prior to putting your life at risk with an international surgery.