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Our Gastric Sleeve Weight Loss Centers are specifically designed with the individual needs of each patient in mind. Each member of the medical and surgical staff have extensive experience and their skills have been perfected through years of performing surgeries and practicing medicine. Gastric Sleeve surgery is an effective weight loss tool available for patients with a Body Mass Index of 35 or greater and our staff provides an unparalleled and personalized service for each and every patient on the path to successful weight loss.

Our customized gastric sleeve surgery centers across Southern California are equipped with the most updated and state of the art surgical equipment and tools and house modern operating rooms prepared on the ideal that patient safety and comfort comes first. Our facilities also offer safe, high-quality anesthesia along with cutting edge patient-monitoring technology and post-surgery recovery suites staffed with experienced nurses to care for you 24 hours a day.

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Waiting times are also significantly reduced through innovative management and effective scheduling to ensure absolute satisfaction throughout the entire surgical process. We believe that it is our duty to make sure that during your consultation with our Gastric Sleeve experts, all your questions and concerns are answered about the surgical procedure you wish to undergo.

To learn more about weight loss surgery in Los Angeles and throughout Southern California, please contact our Gastric Sleeve Centers offices at 1-855-690-0559.