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Bariatric Gastric Sleeve Surgery in California

Diet and exercise are the standard touted over and over as being the classic method for weight loss, but what about those that have tried both diet and exercise and have yet to find success? Bariatric surgery, also known as gastric or simply weight loss surgery, is an option for those who suffer from obesity-related conditions and have not been able to lose weight or keep the weight off. One option is the Gastric Sleeve, a stomach surgery that reduces the amount of food you can eat at each meal, promoting long-term weight loss.

Our website covers the requirements for Gastric Sleeve surgery and help you to understand the procedure, gastric surgery costs and enjoy real-life stories of patients who found success with gastric sleeve surgery in Los Angeles.

Bariatric surgery reduces the stomach's size by way of removing a section of the stomach or by restricting a portion of it. For example, Gastric Sleeve surgery removes a portion on the outer curvature of the stomach, creating a sleeve shape, and the LAP-BAND utilizes gastric banding, where a silicone band sections off the stomach into a smaller pouch. Numerous studies have shown that bariatric surgery involving the gastric sleeve can greatly improve the recovery from weight-related issues including asthma, obstructive sleep apnea and hypertension.

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Gastric Sleeve surgery in Los Angeles is only recommended for those that fit the National Institute for Health's basic guidelines: Having a Body Mass Index 40 or greater, or having a BMI of 35 or greater, and also suffer from an additional obesity-related condition such as type 2diabetes. For those that meet the criteria, the Gastric Sleeve surgery can be their ticket to a life without the excess hassle and cost of excess weight!

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