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Exercise after the Gastric Sleeve

California is known for its active lifestyle, and the environment can help you stay motivated on the path to your weight loss goals. Our Gastric Sleeve Center surgeons, specialists and nutritionists are all available to help you customize your personal diet and exercise plan focused on ensuring you keep your calories in check and meet all your nutritional requirements.

A healthy lifestyle and consistent physical exercise is an important part of recovery, health, and maintaining weight loss. Exercise boosts metabolism, encourages healthy digestion, and burns off excess calories.The dietary experts and surgical staff at The Gastric Sleeve Center will discuss exercise options with you to determine what activities are the best for you.

Your gastric sleeve surgeon will have you work closely with one our physiologists specialized in recovery-specific exercise. Our Gastric Sleeve Center physiologist will help customize the perfect exercise regimen at specific stages of your recovery and will assist you in selecting physical activities you enjoy. There is no greater motivation than engaging in something that makes you happier and feel better!

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Despite avoiding liquids during meals, you should drink 6-8 cups of water each day to avoid dehydration. Losing weight over a period of time can rob your body of hydration and make you feel dizzy, light-headed, tired, or nauseous.

A major benefit of the gastric sleeve surgery is that the range of food you can eat is wider than whar you can eat following other weight loss procedures. Still, you must eat in moderation, follow your meal plan, and always follow your surgeon's advice. Protein shakes will also be an important part of your diet, and your nutritionist can help show you how to make them delicious, all while fulfilling your nutritional requirements.

To learn more about gastric sleeve diet and to discuss meal plans with one of our nutritionists, please call 1-855-690-0559, and one of our representatives will be happy to schedule an appointment for you.