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If you're considering getting the Gastric Sleeve surgery in Southern California, our medical centers have exactly the right information you need to make the correct decision, and to offer the most professional and expert service while helping you attain your weight loss success. California is a state driven by physical activity and exercise, which can help motivate you to maintain a healthy lifestyle, but can be intimidating to those overwhelmed by the flood of weight loss options.

Our Los Angeles surgical centers are designed with our weight loss patient's needs in mind, providing them with the best care before, during and after their weight loss procedure here in Los Angeles. Our dedicated staff of surgeons and medical professionals have numerous years of experience and extensive medical training in the field of weight loss and bariatric and gastric surgery.

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Our specialized surgical facilities maintain the most updated surgical tools and state of the art equipment necessary for top of the line bariatric, gastric and plastic surgery procedures. Patient safety and comfort is our highest priority, and our Los Angeles centers offer the most cutting edge patient-monitoring technology and anesthesia as well as post-surgery recovery suites managed by experienced and supportive nurses available for care every hour of the day or night.

Our Los Angeles Gastric Sleeve centers also utilize efficient managing and scheduling techniques to ensure doctor wait times are short and you get to speak to your medical team as soon as possible. We firmly believe that it is our responsibility to ensure that during your consultation with us you are fully informed regarding your upcoming surgical procedure and are completely comfortable, both mentally and physically, through every step of the process.

A key to this is knowing our Gastric Sleeve specialists are always available at our Gastric Sleeve hotline, 1-855-690-0559.